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The skin is the largest organ of the human body, serving as a primary defence, a sensory and an excretory medium. Its semi-permeable nature plays an important role which coordinates the function of our whole body. Therefore, what we put on and next to our skin can have a direct impact, as such, our health is shaped by our environment.

The SKIN SERIES lab explores the clothing and body interaction with a focus on the skin and textile microbiome. Together with microbiologist Dr Chris Callewaert, we are exploring the benefits of encapsulated probiotic bacteria into the fibres of clothing. These native skin bacteria become activated when in contact with moisture on the skin. We have clinical data showing that these bacteria are very efficient to fight off body odour and as a replacement for biocidal and antimicrobial ingredients. The encapsulated bacteria reduce body odour, encourage cell renewal, and improve the skin’s immune system.

If you are a brand or textile manufacturer interested in this technology, please get in touch. 

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