The skin is the largest organ of the human body, serving as a primary defence, a sensory and an excretory medium. Its semi-permeable nature plays an important role which coordinates the function of our whole body. Therefore, what we put on and next to our skin can have a direct impact, as such, our health is shaped by our environment. 

SKIN SERIES™ explores the interaction between our clothing and the skin looking towards a future where the body and materials are considered simultaneously. Rosie Broadhead, the brand's founder, focuses on developing materials that provide health benefits to the skin.

This series of materials are designed with SKIN SERIES™ textiles embedded with bioactive ingredients with known therapeutic benefits to the skin and body. Such properties have the potential to improve the immune system of your skin, encourage cell renewal, and hold antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The focus is on looking at what is natural on our bodies to explore how we can create responsible yet functional clothing. Highlighting the body's intimate relationship with the skin as this permeable membrane between the self and the world.

What we offer:

-Textile Microbiome Research

-Fabric wholesale and textile development

-Bioactive Treatments

-Therapeutic knitted garments


Rosie Broadhead is a textile designer and researcher specialising in biomaterials for fashion industry applications. Founder of material innovation platform SKIN SERIES, and Textile Scientist at Ghent University. Her research focuses on the intersection between skin and clothing, the textile microbiome and how we can influence the body through functional materials.  Rosie is a graduate of Central Saint Martins’ MA ‘Material Futures’ course in 2019 and has a background as a designer and Head of Sustainability at sportswear brand Perfect Moment, Research & Development at Rapha and design at Thom Browne & Aitor Throup. 

This research into the future of fashion has resulted in peer review papers and exhibitions at during Salone del Mobile Milano, Dutch Design Week, London Design Festival and publications in Forbes, British Vogue, i-D and The New York Times.