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The skin microbiome is home to billions of microorganisms living in and on our body. Healthy skin depends on the diversity of bacterial species that live in close proximity and in relation to one another. The interaction between the wearer and clothing is an opportunity for skin bacteria to attach to the textile surface, which can lead to the growth of certain strains. As such, our health is shaped by our environment. 

Antimicrobial finishes commonly used in the fashion industry and skincare cosmetics can contain toxic chemicals, which disrupt the diversity of bacteria living on our skin. This leaves us more susceptible to skin sensitivity, and other skin-related diseases. These insights into bacterial cell communities on our skin have led us to question the clothes we live in who is living on us, and how this plays a role in our overall health. 

The SKIN SERIES lab explores the clothing and body interaction with a focus on the skin and textile microbiome. Together with microbiologist Dr Chris Callewaert, we are exploring the benefits of encapsulated probiotic bacteria into the fibres of clothing. These native skin bacteria become activated when in contact with moisture on the skin. We have clinical data showing that these bacteria are very efficient to fight off body odour and as a replacement for biocidal and antimicrobial ingredients. The encapsulated bacteria reduce body odour, encourage cell renewal, and improve the skin’s immune system.

If you are a brand or textile manufacturer interested in treating your materials with our probiotic technology, please get in touch.

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